Ernest Govea
3rd APS
Biên Hòa AB

Photos by G. Ernest Govea
© 1998

Guardmount: Post the Troops - 1969

BienHoa-New Security Police arriving in-country 01
(1) 3rd Security Police watching newly arrived troops who have just deplanned.
Scratching his head in wonder at the shiney new equipment they carry.

(2) Gathering early for Guardmount.

Ernest Govea 08a
(3) Daily event, as 3rd Security Police assemble for Guardmount.

Ernest Govea 08d
(4) Heavy (literally) weapons rest on foul-weather gear bags.

Ernest Govea 08c
(5) Hey! Stars and Stripes says there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Ernest Govea 08b
(6) Now listen guys... this is no BS and God's truth... Uncle
Ho's gonna fly in and surrender'in to me at 2200 hours tonight
... only... don't tell no body you heard it from me!

Ernest Govea 4-big
(7) Security Police SAT teams prepare for deployment.
The sign to the right of the door reads,

3rd Security Police Motor Pool & Dispatch Office .

3rd Security Police Motor Pool & Dispatch Office

(8) A Security Police truck transports Security Policemen
to be posted in Bravo or Abel areas.

(9) Watch the potholes, Sarge!

(10) SAT Team leaves to patrol its assigned area.
Note the Vietnamese Q.C. riding shotgun.

(11) SAT pickup truck on standby.

(12) Water Tower visible from most of Biên Hòa AB,
and promonent from the SPS Compound.

(13) Ernest Govea