Ernest Govea
Biên Hòa AB
3rd APS

Photos by G. Ernest Govea
© 2002

Biên Hòa AB Photos, G. Ernest Govea. Page- 1

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1 - My good buddy Glen Davis, from West Virginia with his captured AK-47.

"Ain't it purtty!"

2 – Not a great shot, but close examination shows these SPs preparing a
minigun for night duty. Woe to Charley if he encounters this team tonight.

Our miniguns were slowed down to fire 3,200
full metal jacket rounds per minute.

3 – I took this from the driver’s seat of “Fluffy” our beloved Armored
Personnel Carrier, M113. This is the North West perimeter area.

4 – Inside a “commando car.” Note the knobs and ports through which SPs
could fire their M16s. Anyone remember this man’s name?

5 – G. Ernest Govea, behind an M60 machine gun on a
commando car of the 3rd ACAV of the 3rd SPS.

3rd ACAV of the 3rd SPS

6 – “Fluffy,” fully armed, and my fellow crew members.
I took the picture and was the driver.
L – R: A buck sergeant whose name I no longer recall,
A1C Ustonovich, Sgt Dicks our track commander, and
A1C Gelderman from Pennsylvania.

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