Bunker Hill-10
3rd SPS
Biên Hòa AB
Sheldon Dunham
Biên Hòa AB, 1968

I have been so busy for the past 30 years making a living and all the other stuff that goes with it that just recently I have returned to memories that I thought were gone. Many are of the 60's and my teenage years and some to Viet Nam. Enough so that I search for Biên Hòa on the internet.

I was in the Air Force and did not experience the day to day miseries that many had to contend with such as finding a decent meal, clean clothes, and a dry place to sleep. Still, being cooped up on a base in a pure passive role does impact one's life.

I, again was fortunate to be able to come back to the states and make the transition back to life without using acronyms to describe what I was doing, where I was going, and where I had been.
Attached is a picture and the words I wrote on the back as a young airman. I believe this will have a special meaning to you. It was written by someone inside the perimeter that you and others secured. Also another picture which may bring back a memory or two.

I will send more pictures in the near future.

Take care!
1) 3rd SPS Bunker Hill-10.
(2) Buddah.

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