3rd APS
May 12, 1967

by Sebastian Coco
May 12, 1967
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I finally got about 150 pictures, with explanations, scanned and sort of made into an album. I was stationed at Biên Hòa in 1966-1967 and was with the 3rd Air Police Sq. All of these Piks deal with the posts and guys I served with. I have most of the guys named but there are still a lot that I just can't remember.

"My Story", it deals with actions prior to 5/12/67, actions & Pixs during the attack of 5/12/67, and finally actions I was involved in after that date. No one has mentioned the "Tiger Units" that protected the base after the attack. The 173rd Airborne left the base unprotected so we were formed into 10 five man units situated 2 to 3 hundred yards outside the 3rd fence and in the free fire zone.

Sebastian Coco

A1C Sebastian Coco, Bien Hoa AB
1) A2C Sebastian "Coke" Coco: Shortly after the May 12th 1967 attack.
Bien Hoa AB, Air Police - Law Enforcement
2) Air Police, law enforcement heading toward his jeep.
Bien Hoa's Main Gate - View into base.
3) Biên Hòa AB's Main Gate, looking into the base from Biên Hòa city.
4) Close up.
Bien Hoa AB Main Gate, view leaving base.
5) Biên Hòa AB's Main Gate, view leaving the base.
A2C Sebastian Coco, Bien Hoa AB.
6) A2C Sebastion Coco, Biên Hòa AB, 3rd APS.
7) Biên Hòa AB, Air Police Squadron's Armory.
8) Hang out your shield!
9) APS Armory sign.


Bien Hoa AB, 3rd APS Lounge; later, Base Airman's Club.
10) The Silver Shield Lounge, built by the AP Squadron. Later, was forced to be made into the Base Airman's Club. This really bothered a lot of the guys, me included. We built it for our Air Police use, and it was taken away--something about breaking some rules.
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