21 AUG 1989

35th Security Police Squadron
1 July - 30 September 1969

Unit Historian
15 October 1969

Chief, Security Police
DOD DIR 5200.10

The Mission and Personnel
    1. The Mission of the 35th Security Police Squadron is to defend the personnel and resources of Phan Rang Air Base against any nature of enemy attack, together and coordinate intelligence and defense procedures with all available friendly forces, and to insure that law and order prevail. 2. Roster of Key Personnel - a/o 30 Sep 69
      a. Chief, Security Police
      Lt Col Louis J. Cloutier
      b. Ops Officer
      Maj William H. Powell
      c. WSS/OIC
      Capt Claine J. Petersen
      d. ICC
      Capt Claine J. Petersen
      e. Air Base Defense
      Capt David L. Brorm
      f. Training & supply
      Capt Duane S. Stone
      g. Law Enforcement
      Capt Morton J. Bond
      h. Section Cmndr
      lst Lt Albert C. Rock III
      i. Admin Security
      2nd Lt James R. Parker
      j. Superintendent
      CMS James K. Driggers
      k. WSS/NCOIC
      SMS F. W. Schumacher
      1. First Sgt
      MS Walter D. Boulier
      m. BSP/NCOIC
      MS Robert E. Stults
      n. Sentry Dog Section
      MS Donald E. Fink
      o. Admin Scty NCOIC
      SS John H. Wienand III

    3. Major Personnel Changes a. Lt Col Louis J. Cloutier assumed command of the squadron 5 Aug 1969, replacing Lt Col Donald E. Reeves who returned to an assignment with the Security Police Directorate, HQ United States Air Force Washington, D.C.. Lt Col Cloutier served his last tour in the same Directorate in the Installation Security Division. b. Capt Claine J. Petersen replaced Capt David L. Brom as Security Operations Officer on 15 Sept 1969. Capt Bronn was reassigned to the position of Air Base Defense Officer. c. Capt Duane S. Stone arrived on 1 July 1969 from a tour as an OTS/FSO at Lackland AFB to replace Capt John P. Todd as OIC of Training and Supply. Capt Todd returned to Andrews AFB where, he writes, he became a civilian in early September. d. Second Lieutenant James R. Parker assumed the previously vacant position of Administrative Security Officer on 6 August 1969. He had been Operations Officer in the 78th SPS at Hamilton AFB after graduation from the Air Force Academy in 1968. e. SMSgt Forest W. Schumacher arrived in early August to replace SMSgt William B. Frazier, who returned to March AFB, as NCOIC of Security Operations. f. MSgt Robert E. Stults assumed the duty of NCOIC/Administrative Security Section (and general honcho of the BSP Office) on 1 Sept 1969, replacing TSgt James R. Brooks, veteran of DROC--CSC coordination who returned to Recruiting duty in his hometown of Camden, N.J. g. MSgt Jack Taylor replaced TSgt Gerald L. Taylor as NCCIC of Law Enforcement on 15 Sept 1969. TSgt Taylor was reassigned to Panther Flight. h. TSgt Michael A. Sessa was assigned NCCIC of Investigations on 11 July 1969, replacing SSgt Eddie J. Kaiser who moved to Panther Flight. i. TSgt Bobby Ray Pegram assumed the duty of NCOIC of ICC after TSgt Joseph E. Moore was reassigned to Eglin AFB on 26 Aug 1969. j. TSgt Claudia Newsom, BSP Administrative Supervisor, was relieved for out-processing in late September without replacement. k. On 1 Aug 1969 SSgt Elbert E. Reeves replaced SSgt James Snare as NCOIC of Pass and Registration. SSgt Snare shipped to Bangkok after 18 months in country. l. SSgt Wesley F. Robbins on 5 July 1969 replaced Sgt John Boycks, who returned to Bergstrom AFB, as Personnel Clearance NCOIC. 4. Awards, Decorations, Promotions

    a. AlC Edward L. Cox: Air Force Commendation Medal.
    b. AlC Larry A. Pace, Range Instructor, was awarded in August the honor of Base Airman of the Month for June 1969.
    c. AlC Gary W. Gift and AlC Steve L. Hanson were commended in Letters of Appreciation from the Commander, 35th TFW for their actions in apprehending two U.S. Army EM involved in blackmarket activities.
    d. On 4 Sept 1969 1ST Lt Morton J. Bond was promoted to Captain. 5. Delayed Entry: In September 1969 we received the great news that Captain Garth A. Wright had been awarded the Air Force Cross for his individual heroism on the unforgettable morning of 26 January 1969. Formerly the OIC of Security Operations he departed in early April to his new job as Law Enforcement Officer 71SPS, Germany.
          On 26 Jan 69, Capt Wright commanded a Security Police block and sweep force
    under heavy fire by an NVA Sapper CO which had penetrated the fence-line. Capt Wright stopped one sapper with an M16 burst and another with his .38 after his rifle had malfunctioned. The influence of his command was considered instrumental to our success in defeating Charlie that day. Captain Wright himself, and his well-earned award, are milestones in Security Police professionalism, pride, and prestige. 6. Deaths - AlC Charles D. Orsua, Sentry Dog Handler, was killed on 15 July when his posting truck overturned.

II Resources: Equipment/Facilities

1. Men from the SPS Range Section during this quarter worked on self-help projects to improve firing range facilities with an eye to safety. Supervised by SSgt James D. Stumpp the projects include construction of a 200 m range for firing 40 mm high explosives, M2 and M60 machine guns; construction of ground bunkers for realistic firing-proficiency training; sandbagging the 100m mound on the M16 range to prevent erosion; placing distance markers on the small arms range; initial construction for a grenade-pitching range to be completed in the next quarter.
2. Two new mortar pits, "Copperhead" and "Rattlesnake", were completed on 19 Sept. Two new buildings were constructed on Nui Dot and Gunsmoke Hill to house facilities for the new four-channel radio system due in early October 69.
3. Twenty-four new kennels in the K-9 Section were constructed to accommodate a programmed increase in sentry dogs. The K-9 weapons cleaning area was rebuilt and enlarged on a self-help basis. A concrete foundation was laid for the construction of a new water storage tower.
4. In accordance with PACAFM 207-25, 6 ammunition resupply trailers were strategically located in bunkered areas of Log, Delta, and Bravo Sectors to expedite greatly resupply procedures.
5. New revetments were built at the bases of all 57 towers; canvas and sandbagging were replaced on 90% of the towers. Four APC revetments were completed and 3 partially completed along the perimeter. Additional mines and trip-flares were installed in perimeter fencing.
6. The submotor pool was realigned under 35 Transportation, improving spare parts acquisition and equipment availability.
7. Fifty-five M60 machinegun covers were acquired to prevent rust and dust problems during inclement weather. We stepped up the use of corrosion-inhibitors as finishing sprays on all weapons to further reduce rusting.
8. Internal communications equipment was acquired for 3 of our M113 (tracked) APC's providing tactical radios, power suppliers, control boxes, intercoms, helmets, and headsets.
9. Twenty-eight XM-148's and 25 M16's were turned in to supply as a result of the findings of the Manpower and Equipment Survey Team which was here from 13-15 Aug. The same team validated 65 additional manning slots for the squadron.

III Training and Supply

1. We kicked off the Weighted Airman Promotion system (WAPS) this quarter, establishing a library for research across from the Training Section proper. Three references still are not available for the Promotion Fitness Examination. This unavailability is critical since it involves the clerical specialist test in October and the security police test in December.
2. Initial in-country training for augmentees was incorporated with initial security police training, eliminating the previous one-day only augmentee program. This training places stronger emphasis on Proficiency firing; it now includes courses by EOD, medics, and ICC to cover explosives safety, combat first aid and counter-intelligence. Recurring proficiency training was amended by including weapons training on the M2, M16, M60, M79, and M148.
3. The CJT Status and Inspection Report shows great improvement in our OJT program, which is now rated excellent with satisfactory progression.

a. OJT Status for the Quarter


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